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William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was honored on a 20 Pound Note by Bank of England

Scene 4: Chemists
Scene 3: Inventors and Engineers
Scene 5: Biologists and Life Science pioneers
Scene 2: Astronomers, Physicists and Mathematicians - Part II
Scene 3: Writers
Scene 2: Artists and Architects
Scene 1: Wishlist
Scene 1: Music Composers and Performers

N.B.    All banknotes and coins exhibited here are from my personal collection except the ones in the wishlist. A brief description about each of the personality featured has been compiled from Wikipedia and the World Book Encyclopedia. The scans presented here are of low resolution to facilitate quick viewing even on a dial-up connection :)

[Aside]  I focus mainly on collecting currency notes featuring 'dramatis personae'  of Act I only. Hence Act II may not seem comprehensive enough to some notaphilists :)

Scene 4: Other Personalities
Scene 1: Astronomers, Physicists and Mathematicians - Part I
Act III: 
Act II: 
Act I: 

All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players...

This section is arranged in the following manner (a tribute to Shakespeare ) :

. . .  A showcase of famous people honored on Paper Money and Coins

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